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TAKAII. Made by humans, for humans, for digisapiens, for a cleaner future

TAKAII. Made by humans, for humans, for digisapiens, for a cleaner future

Did you know that the average garment goes through at least 5 rounds of prototypes before the final design is given the green light? Yes that means that every new item of clothing has had 5 versions made of actual fabric which is not intended for sale and goes straight to the archive/ dump. Before the design even hits the stores.

By harnessing the benefits of digital prototyping and digital fitting we are proud to be the very first "full stack" textile brand. This is how we do it:

  1. We test and experiment with our prototypes without touching a meter of fabric

  2. We use the latest in virtual fitting technology with our fellow #girlboss partners at PSCollective

  3. We source our fabrics locally in the EU minimising our carbon footprint

  4. We work with highly skilled local tailors to create your Made to Measure designs thus creating a local ecosystem and decentralising the manufacturing process

  5. Made to measure means we can cater to all sizes, body shapes, able or disabled, as we can customise our designs to any shape

  6. Our NFT's allow you to escape the boundaries of this world with their functionality. Be limitless and join in the digital fashion movement

This production process is unique to TAKAII garments from the Made to Measure collections. 

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