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#TAKAIIWomen is designed to celebrate the diversity of all women, from all backgrounds and walks of life. This is why we always use real women, with real figures, in our campaigns; right from our very first collection, EDITION ONE. This collection is about inclusion and self-expression.

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Letter from the


I woke up one day, frustrated and tired of not fulfilling my potential.

Working full-time in different fashion retail brands; always tailoring myself and image to suit the brands, I thought to myself: why do we work so hard to serve an image that isn't ours? Who decided that? What does it do to my self-image and wellbeing? 

So I said, "Enough!" I took a chance, dived in at the deep end and left the past behind. I had always wanted to create my own brand and now I knew what I wanted that brand to stand for. I wanted my brand to stand for progress, for high quality, for inclusion, for diversity and self expression. I wanted to create a luxury product without the luxury stereotype, a product with an image you can identify with and not just an image to aspire to. 

I set out with these thoughts in mind and started designing. 

I have always been passionate about movement and sport, having been a gymnast growing up and being on multiple sports teams throughout school. Then more recently, I kept on hearing from women in my gym how hard it was to find activewear of high quality, that can cater to their needs, hide insecurities and show off their best qualities. They did not identify with the highly sexualised look that the sports industry often perpetuates, but still wanted to be modern and stylish (I mean it's hard enough showing up, let alone keeping your focus while having to worry about unruly gym outfits that ride up, slide down, or worse, actually get in the way of your work out).

So the TAKAII Jumpsuit was born... With a focus on design that delivers what women want and need from their activewear. 

Garments that don't ride up or down, that make you feel secure and confident as you work out, that will last you years of use and not just a few washes. For the conscientious buyer, for women working on their best selves, for themselves.