The Arezu Jumpsuit is perfect for low to medium-intensity workouts.

The Arezu Jumpsuit will keep people guessing with its functional but surprising design details.

Bamboo fabric placed under the arms allows for a breathable and anti-bacterial sweat sessions while compression panels along the legs promote blood circulation and hide any cellulite. An oval keyhole back keeps you airy, while an inbuilt top provides for playful coverage. 

Styled in a classic top-leggings-blazer tio, or in cosy in a hoody the Arezu Jumpsuit is a no brainer for any gym day.


  • Suitable for medium intensity sports
  • Inbuilt top
  • Bamboo Underarm Fabric
  • Compression function 
  • Open back
  • Peaches covered

Arezu Jumpsuit

    • 30°C machine wash
    • No Fabric Softner